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How can setup Google search Console | Google Search Console all Step By Step Setup in This Article | Sikho Sikhao Blog Course Part 4

In This Post we Talking About How To submit Your Domain in Google Search Console?

Lets Start with Step By Step Follow Given steps carefully.

  1. You Need to Search in Google Search console
  2. Then you received official Google search console website
  3. You need to click on this official website
  4. You need to login in your register email id and password
  5. Once you logged in your domain then you Need to check in left side Corner Dropdown Section where is option for +
  6. Click on add (+) Button
  7. Then You Are Redirect to welcome to start select property option
  8. There is two Options
  9. First is domain and second is the URL Prefix
  10. That two option is received you due to you can use this two option also
  11. Put Your Domain in domain section
  12. Then Click on Continue Option
  13. Then you can see verify domain domain ownership via DNS records
  14. Then You can choose 4 option
  15. Make sure you are login in hostinger
  16. Click on click option
  17. Then you can go to your hosting server
  18. Then you can click on left side dns tab
  19. Then click on it
  20. You will Found dns menu
  21. Then you just click on add record button
  22. Then first you can choose TYPE TAB :- IS TXT Option
  23. In Name section you can add @your domain name
  24. In ttl option don’t change
  25. Then content option just paste which code is shows in google search console
  26. And click on save option
  27. Once you done all this steps once Go to Your Google search console option
  28. Then now just click on Verify button
  29. Once you are clicked on this button popup is showing (Verifying its take a Minut)
  30. After that you are received green option is Ownership is Verified
  31. Click in done
  32. Click in left side dropdown option and check your domain is verified or not
  33. If your domain is not verifier, then you can follow this process Repeat.

What is Google Monetization? / Blog Monetization/website monetization?

Letes start with Besics

  • When we are search any website and we are open that website once that website is open then we found in top corner ads google is take money From ads owner and give some amount to website/blog owner after deduction is commotion that call monetization.
  • Google Monetization means if you have one website and one hosting and good content then you can Earn Money from Google monetization for example some you tuber is Earn Money From YouTube same thing is for google website owner.
  • You can earn lots of Money From Google AdSense/Google Monetization in last We are already talked about monetization what is monetization platforms are available you can Go and read that article and make more money from Google AdSense.

Which ads Is Best For Earn More Money From Google adsense?

If You are Blogger and struggling in make more money from Google AdSense Then You are on right path today we are Talking about how can make more money from Google adsense

Lets start with how can Earn More money / which google ads is the best for high cpc/cpm /rpm for your blog/website

  • Display ads
  • New In-feed Ad
  • New In-article Ad
  • New multiplex ad unit
  • Transparent ads (Background ads)/Invisible ads)
  • Sticky and footer ads

Now We Can Learn How to Use/Setup for Display ads

Follow Below steps carefully:-

  1. For ads setup you need to plugin of Google ads Manage
  2. Please Install it
  3. Once it has been done you can Create Display ads
  4. Log in to your Google AdSense
  5. You are found google AdSense home page
  6. Once it is opened then you can click on 2 option is ads
  7. After click on this option you are Redirected to ads Menu
  8. Once you redirected in this menu you found options which Is already we are talked
  9. By site, by ad unit, global setting.
  10. Click on by ad unit
  11. You found options
    1. Display ads
    2. New In-feed Ad
    3. New In-article Ad
    4. New multiplex ad unit
  12. Click on display ads
    1. In right side corner you found some option
    2. Please click on ads unit name you need to choose ads unit name on this name basis you can track Earing for this ads
    3. Ads size always responsive
    4. Then Click in create button
    5. Now your display ads are created
  13. Once your display ads are created then you can go to your WordPress dashboard and Open first Slide and paste your display ad code in your ads manager 1st number tab.
  14. And choose before post option
  15. Tick in post option only other option should blank
  16. Then select centre option
  17. Then click on save option
  18. Once you done this process you need to clear your website cache and check your website from view mode your ads is visible or not if your ads is not visible then you can repeat this all same process make sure you are follow all same process if any mistake is happen or missed then ads is not visible In your website.

In This all article we learn about how to create display ads and how to setup display ads for WordPress website I hope it is very helpful for you. If it is very helpful then you can share this article to your friends who are not know about this process Thanks for taking a your valuable time and your all patience .

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