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What is Google adx | About Google ads Manager/google adx Like setup, use all information you found in this post | Sikho sikhao Blog course part 5

Hi Blogger Friends if you are started new website and your website is monetized from Google AdSense then This article for you because today we are talking about google ads Manger which similar name is google adx lots of people is talked his adx only then we are start in details how can take approval from google adx.

Let’s start how to start earing in google adx .

Let’s start with Basics of Google ads manger

Who can use Google adx/ google ads Manage

  1. Anyone can use it who has approved google AdSense account
  2. Free to use for any person who want google adx account

Why we need to use Google adx account

If you are think about the google adx account, then you are thinking right option

  1. Due we are monetizing our website ads through google adx and earn lots of money from google adx as well as google AdSense also.

Don’t waste time and start how can create account for google adx/ ads manage

Follow below steps by step process.

  1. In google search bar search Google ads manage account
  2. After searched you can have received official google website in search result
  3. Click on that
  4. After clicking on this option you are redirected to google adx official home page
  5. Once you redirected in home page then you show option in right side corner in your laptop/pc sign in option and sign up option
  6. If you have already account with google adx then click on sign in option
  7. Otherwise if you are new then click on sign up option
  8. Or you can click on get started also
  9. Now you are showing option of choose/ Crete you Gmail account
  10. If you are already logged in your Gmail account, then you can choose which Gmail you are work with google AdSense
  11. Once you are done this step you are
  12. Choose your AdSense
  13. Now you are found three option (what best describe for your business)
  14. Tick on below option
  15. Click and tick Only Video Publisher and app developer two options
  16. Now you are redirected to web and video publisher page
  17. Now you can choose your website traffic value
  18. Then tick box in looking for features
  19. Click on first 3 tick box
  20. Now you need to select option of do you have existing google AdSense account
  21. Click on yes button
  22. What industry option
  23. You can select your website type
  24. Click on Asia for our India server
  25. And click on save
  26. Now you are showing option of you are eligible for signup for google ad manager
  27. Now click on signup option
  28. Now all steps are finished google is review and give you ads manager approval.

If you have any help is required for google ads manager you can contact us on Instagram id @omkargaikwadofficial19

What is Google adx MA Account?

If you are get google ads manager then next you need one parent publisher account for google verified partners

There is two types of parent publisher account one is MA Account and second is MI account

Lets talked about what is the meaning of MA Account

Basically  MA account means manage account where your all account access has been give parent company also you can access but ma publisher is paid direct money to your account not AdSense account This is main different

What is the pay out cycle of Google adx MA account?

  • And you get pay out on monthly basis of month of last date like if month starting is July then 1 July to 30 July payment is received on 21 august this cycle for ma account.
  • Under Below companies are take approval for ma account
  • All ads is publisher from parent company
  1. ezoic
  2. Mango media
  3. Ads spark

What is Google adx MI Account?

In previous topic we are talked about google adx ma account now we are talk about google adx MI account

  • Google adx MI Account Means manage inventory
  • Where you can fully access you and you only parent company not access your account
  • Monthly pay out cycle as as per google AdSense
  • For example, your starting month is 1 July to 30 July then what ever earing has been collected till 30 July all earing is added to google AdSense account and this pay-out is received on 21 august to 25 august
  • You can ads setup you own

If you are need google adx approval, then below company take easily give you approval

This all information me know for related to google adx if you have need more information than you can check YouTube video.

What is Generate Press Premium

If you have searching information is related to right themes, then gp premium is best option for you in this gp premium you can lots off benefits are as compare to not premium therefore I can suggest you guess please take gp premium for your website.

Below benefit are gp premium:

  1. You can more customize your website
  2. Your website is look very nice as compare to not premium
  3. Easy to understand
  4. Easy to take google AdSense approval

If you are plan to buy gp premium, then you can check official website of gp premium for more information.

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