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How can Monetize blog from Google AdSense? By Sikho sikhao Blogging Course Part 2

Sikho Sikhao Blog Course Part 2

Welcome Friends In last Article we are Covered part of all Information is Related to Basics of Blogging In This Article we are Talking About how Can We Monetize Blog From Google AdSense

If You Need to Know all information Related to Google AdSense, then you can check Pervious Article for Knowledge.

For Make money you need to submit your website to google for Approval then google can check and give you approval

What is Process of google AdSense approval? we can Learn today.

  1. If You are created website and all setting are completed, then you Need to Write Post /Blog/Article
  2. Once you are write all Post then you need Write Proper 30 to 50 Quality Content with Proper Seo
  3. Make sure If you are write any Post Then Wording Is Required Minimum 800 to 1200 words in per article.
  4. Once you are done 50 Post /content/article then you can take approval from google
  5. Google is check all details carefully and then give you Approval

Make sure you are Following Below Path for google AdSense approval

1.       No copyright content on your website

2.       Proper all required pages are available on footer section

Below Pages is Required for Monetization.

a.       Pages Names

i.      About Us Page

ii.      Contact Us Page

iii.      Term and Condition page

iv.      Disclaimer Pages

v.      Privacy policy page

vi.      Cookies page

vii.      Affiliate Discloser Page

Note:- If You want to Generate all Pages, then U Can Visit our Website USAForNews.com

Or You can Search in search section you can search how to Create Pages for website or u can check Blogging Full Category for Learn More Information Related to Blogging.

How Many days are Required for Monetization?

Once you are done all below Fields are done then Google AdSense Team Take time for Approval Its Take Minimum 1 to 4 weeks this not fix

Any time approval is taken easily in 1 days any time approval takes 2 to 4 weeks.

Types of Blog/website Monetize Platforms For Earn Money

If you are think about Earn Money from blogging, then you need to know how can money earn money from blog Monetization except Google AdSense

As per my last 4 Years’ Experience we can earn Money from lots of Monetization Platform

Below platform are available for earn Money from Blog Monetization.

1.       Google adx

2.       Monetag

3.       Taboola

4.       Ads spark

5.       Ads stera

6.       Ezozic

7.       Amazon sponsorship

8.       Affiliate Marketing

Lets start in Take information step by step

What is Google adx and How can earn Money From Google adx

Google adx Is Official Google Product where  Thrid party advertisement company can Give you approval

There are two Types Publisher are available

  1. First is MA Account and second is Mi Account
    • MA Account Means Manage account That access are Take publisher Company
  1. MI Account Means Manage Inventory that access Not Required to give Company

How Many company are give Approval for Google adx That Names

1.       Mango Media

2.       Ezoizic

3.       Yom Digi Media adx

How can take approval for Mango Media adx

Minimum Traffic Required for mango Media adx is 1 million to 5 million in one year

If you want approval For Mango Media Adx then you can contact me On Instagram Id @omkargaikwadofficial19 I can give free approval for Mango media adx

How can take approval for Yom digi adx

If you are think make more money from google adx then Yom Digi is the best platform for you.

As per my last few years’ experience yom digi can take approval easily for you if you have required Yom Digi adx approval then you need to follow below Criteria

1.       Minimum traffic Requirement

2.        AdSense website approval snapshot

3.       AdSense last 4 month earning snapshot

4.       Make sure your website is approved from google AdSense

5.       Also required payment received in last 6 month from AdSense

6.       No found any issue in AdSense

If you have 6 things then we can take approval from Yom digi

How can Take Approval From Ezoizic ADX?

What requirement for ezoic adx account

Eozoic adx account is MA Account Type where you can’t access your side all access you need to give ezoic ad publisher company.

1.       You need Google AdSense approval site for when you are applying for ezoicic account.

2.       You need minimum 2 million to 5 million site page view is required for ezoic account.

3.       Then Make sure you are not violation google AdSense Community Guideline.

Which Plugin Is Required for Start New Website/ New Blogging

Once   You are Make a Website on WordPress then you need to Connect all Platforms Like Themes , seo connect, table of content , cache clear You Required Plugins in this topic we are Taliking about which plugin is Required for WordPress for make new Website

1.       Ad Inserter

2.       Ad Invalid Click Protector

3.       AddToAny Share Buttons

4.       Ads.txt Manager

5.       Akismet Anti-spam: Spam Protection

6.       Classic Editor

7.       Classic Widgets

8.       Contact Form 7

9.       Easy Table of Contents

10.   GenerateBlocks

11.   GP Premium

12.   Header Footer Code Manager

13.   Jetpack

14.   LiteSpeed Cache

15.   OneSignal Push Notifications

16.   Rank Math SEO

17.   Site Kit by Google

18.   WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

If You required Generate Press Plugin Then You Can Connect with me instgram id @omkargaikwadofficial19

Best Word press Themes for New Website or New Blog

If You are started New WordPress Website, Then you need to required Best Theme For Website today we talked about 5 best WordPress Themes which free and best and very useful for you.

1.       Generate Press Theme

2.       Ocean wp

3.       Astra

4.       News paper

5.       Job hunt

These 5 themes are best and useful

If you have Required, this themes you can connect with mi. can Give you free That Themes for yoy you can follow and dm me on Instagram id @omkargaikwadofficial19

What is Word press? Full Information about WordPress we are Learn in this Post.

If you knew blogger and you want setup your website on WordPress, then you need to choose best platform of WordPress

WordPress is very Popular Platform for the start new website it is very nice for beginner as well as it Is understanding very easily to any person therefore, we need to use WordPress.

Thanks for Giving Your Time For This Post About blogging Journy part we are Taliking in another post .

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